Guadalajara- Week 11

in a letter i had gotten from connor recently he said that the weather right now in huntington is a nice cool 75 degrees or so...and then he continued to laugh at me saying that hes sure the weather is super bad here, and well yep youre right bud haha. im gonna take a quick minute and tell you a little bit all about it. 

a few honorable mentions from my crazy tie collection

so every morning i wake up at 615, do 45 mins of excercise and then go take a nice cold shower, and then by the time i get out of the shower, dressed, and go downstairs to eat breakfast im already starting to sweat. i then go through my studies sweating haha i have to keep a little hand towel with me to keep the sweat from dripping onto my books and stuff im reading and what not haha ya its gross i know but its necessary to keep my stuff in good shape. then we hop on our bikes and go bike around going to our different appts and activities that day, and by the end of the day...yikes! our shirts and clothes are so gross haha basically my shirts become transparent from all my sweat and im starting to get all the backpack sweat stains on my tshirts. and the heat doesnt stop in the nights either haha it continues. i always take another cold shower before i go to bed and i stopped using blankets because its just ridiculously hot with blankets haha and theres been a few mornings where ill wake up and my sheets will be stained from sweating all through the night. good thing i have extra sheets because im always having to wash them and change them a few times a week haha. its almost as if im serving my mission in hades at times haha. 

okay this picture you need to zoom in and check out my legs...theyre huge!
but its fun, its good because its burning all this weight im gaining from eating tortillas beans and rice everyday. right now ive lost 20 lbs since ive gotten to mexico! im starting to wish i wouldve bought my shirts a few sizes smaller because theyre huge on me now haha they dont fit anymore haha. im hoping though that ill grow in my mission and that maybe by the end ill fit in them better. apart from the deathly heat things are going great here. elder briz and i had a great week, had some low points but over all it was great. two moments really stand out to me from this week. one of these moments was this past wednesday when we were sitting in our house at around 10 getting ready for bed when an investigator called, i answered and asked him how hes doing and all that stuff and then he said to me "elder maccartney, i received my answer. i think i just received the answer you have been telling me about" i didnt really know what to say because i was stoked out of my mind haha, but i then asked him what had happened...he said he was driving home from work and was feeling really out of it, and so he pulled over and just said a prayer and he said that he "just felt its true, i dont know how to explain it i can just feel it though" and i talked to him for a little bit and well we passed by the next day and had a great lesson with him. one of my favorite things i do with people i teach is imagine and picture what the Lord has in store for them and how much they will build the kingdom of God through there future service. it makes the whole process of watching them change and grow so much cooler and special. 

in mexico all you do on pdays is play soccer and eat at buffets hahaha
the other moment was this past sunday in church. elder briz and i were a little late because we had stopped to pick up a few of our investigators so we were a couple minutes late getting them all onto the buses and to the church. but when we showed up, sitting in one of the side rows of chairs (we dont have pews in our chapel, just folding chairs haha) was some of our investigators! they had gone to church on their own and man it made me so stoked haha when i saw them i instantly just had this ear to ear grin haha i was so happy to see them there. that night too we had a great lesson with them three, where we had them take the role of elder briz and i and teach us the plan of salvation. not only was it super funny to watch them imitate me and elder briz and pretend to be us, but it was way spiritual and great listening to them basically give pure testimony as they taught us what they knew and answered our questions and all that good stuff. its something i recommend the elders in the ward to try and all the others to try also if you havent already tried it, its a great experience. everything in the mission work is a great experience and i dont know why the ward members dont participate more....its the best thing ever!! i plan on never ending my mission, i wanna be a missionary the rest of my life because really i just love it! there is nothing else like it, it is so much fun. while yes i miss my family and all that stuff, and its harder than who knows what, IT IS SO WORTH IT! and yeah i just love it. love love love it. and well with that folks it is now time for me to get back to saving some souls :) have a great week everybody and may the force be with you! LOVE YOU ALL!!!
much love from mexico,
    Elder Maccarthy

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