So here is an overview of Dennis' time in the MTC.....

(excerpts from his letters are italicized)

 I know that the Lord is helping me and has my back through all this learning. I can tell he wants me to succeed, afterall it is kind of necessary for me to learn the language so that I can effectively teach the people down in Mexico. But it still blows my mind just thinking about how I've only been here for a about 3 weeks and how much I've progressed. I feel as thought I'm ready to hop onto a plane and head down to Mexico right now, I'm seriously soooo excited to just get down there and starting teaching people already!

okay so funny story from today, brace yourselves. being missionaries and it being our pday we were for lack of a better word bored so we got a little creative to entertain ourselves. so one of the elders in our district has  a waxer for his eyebrows, ya i know its weird but i dont judge. and so we were all messing around and talking and yada yada and one thing led to another and me being the funny kid i am said "hey lets wax CTR into my leg hairs!" and well, we did just that. we had about 20 elders in  our room taking pictures and videos of me sitting in this chair with a couple of the bigger elders holding me down and slowly but surely elder bate shaped the letters of CTR with wax right on the front of my shin. and then one by one he ripped the wax off and the hair with it hahah, it hurt a little ya but we were all laughing our butts off and well now i have CTR on the front of my shin. ill be getting pictures sent your way pretty soon. but ya it was really funny, probably the funniest moment of the mtc thus far

dont be disappointed in me too much, im still the goofy random Dennis that you all know and love and im not about to lose it haha. 

spanish is coming along well, everyday it gets easier and easier and im starting to learn words and remember things better too. its amazing. im excited to come home and speak spanish for you all, im still hoping i can keep some of my french but im pretty much forgeting that all and replacing it with spanish. which is good i assume, because i am going to be speaking spanish for the next two years and not french haha.

oh and Elder Turner says hello to everyone (in his british accent) :) 

I love being a missionary, im so glad i decided to, im sad thinking that i only have about 23 months left :( im doing my best to work my hardest and make sure to leave wiht no regrets! 

con amor de la ccm,
Elder Dennis Maccarthy

oh, and here is dennis with his buddy roger who is in dennis' home ward in huntington beach. they got their calls around the same time, and were in the MTC together!

after about 8 weeks in the MTC, Dennis headed off to Guadalajara! 

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