Guadalajara- Week Seven

so this week i discovered a new skill that i never knew i had, something that had been lying dormant in me for all the years. apparently im like super legit at marbles hahaha. i discovered this skill this past week when the kids and nephews of one of our investigators invited me to play with them. the first few games i didnt really know what was happening haha or how to play really but then once i figured it out i started dominating haha. and dont let the fact that yes they are just kids think that this made it any easier for me to win, these kids play marbles for their living. but anyways so ya turns out im super legit at marbles haha my record so far is winning 84 marbles in hour haha. 

me at the federal building in guadalajara

the kids love playing with me too because i always split my prize package up amongst them and they always just love that haha everytime they see me theyre always like "elder maccarty! (nobody here can pronounce the ´th´ haha) elder maccarty! vamos jugar canicas hoy!" and i always try to stop and play at least one game with them ahah its a blast i need to get a picture with them all sometime so you all can see them. but ya its way fun, they all went and picked out a marble that they thought was cool and bought it for me as a present haha i had them all sign it as best they could, its something im gonna cherish for years to come, the little marble from my homies in santa paula haha. i played with them today for a few hours because it was pday and they loved it haha i played with them and their uncle whose name is elder too,or at least thats what everyone calls him its funny nonethess though huh haha. 

my first fun rain day in mexico

ive noticed that some of my best friends here in mexico are the kids haha and the sketchy gang members that most people wouldnt talk to, for some reason they all really like me and think im awesome. i have some great stories to tell you all, however im gonna save them for when i get home. also today took a little trip to the city to get all my visa and passport jazz worked out. when i arrived in mexico i only received a temporary one that was good for 30 days, so the past little while ive been illegal here in mexico haha, its funny because some of my gangster buds have been telling me how there gonna call the cops on me for being in there country illegaly and that there gonna turn me in for money hahah dont worry, they were only joking. 

me at the federal building in guadalajara

but ya it was cool to be able to go to the city i love going there because i love looking at all the sweet old school cathedrals and chapels and buildings, it really is a cool site to see some of the stuff here in guadalajara, its such a cool city. i gotta say though, all these old school chapels aint got nothing on the salt lake temple, and many other temples ahha i think we got better temples then them by a long shot haha. but also we started teaching this awesome guy and his daughters this week. he was a reference from one of the members and he is just awesome. He just takes everything in so well and you can tell that hes really taking in what hes learning because hes always asking these questions that just show hes really thinking about the message and trying to figure out the responses hes getting from the Spirit. the best part to is that at first we were only teaching him, but then when we returned for the second visit he had told us that because he couldnt read to well he decided to have his daughters help him with the reading we left him with, and well the second time we came back there were his daughters sitting in the room too saying they wanted to listen to our words too. it was a way cool thing to see. unfortunately the wife doesnt want to listen to the lessons because she has a catholic background, however she hasnt voiced any opposition to us teaching her daughters and husband and we hope that a problem doesnt arise because i personally love teaching them and theyre progressing really well. 

zone tlaquepaque in our baptismal gear

i gotta say one of the coolest parts of being a missionary is really seeing people who just catch on to the lessons really quickly and really give head to the enticings of the Spirit, even when they dont realize it at times. but it really is a miracle and blessing to be able to be a part of this great and marvelous work, and really see these people make night and day changes and become happy. thats my favorite part, making people smile and laugh and just be happy. because mexico, especially my area is pretty lost, alot of the people are involved with drugs and alcohol, there families are falling apart, there impoverished, and really just in a sad state. and then we bring them this great message of happiness, and just seeing them turn into these happy people with smiles half full of teeth is just the greatest. makes me happy to be here, and those times when i think its hard and i have a hard time it makes it that much easier to push through it because i know how happy these people have become and how many more people we can help and all. its awesome, i just dont know how else to describe it, i cant really haha its almost undescribable. 

my attempted cheesecake, which turned out to be really gross haha
so in closing this week i had been missing some of my most favorite american food that doesnt exist here in mexico, cheesecake and milkshakes. and by the way dont try to send either because it just wont work haha im waiting through this trial with patience. but anyways so i found some "pie de queso" in a local store and thought id give it a try, so i did and it stunk haah. so i thought maybe if i threw some cajeta on it it would be better, but it didnt improve  the taste, im guess im just going to have to suffer 2 years with no cheesecake haha. 

my first milkshake in mexico that i made, ruby's and harbor house aint got noting on me haha
however the milkshake was alot more succesfull and i absolutely savored it, it was soooo good. i would kill for a good american milkshake haha, however thats another thing i will have to suffer these next two years without haha. things are cruising along here though in mexico, its crazy thinking that ive already been here for 2 months just about, its gone by so needs to slow down because i want to get every ounce of enjoyment out of this experience because i know its my only chance, and i only got one shot one opportunity! but ya things are awesome here, i hope everything is just as awesome, even better back home for all of you. i love you all and may the Lord be with you all this week!
Elder Maccarthy

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