Guadalajara- Week Two

well another great week is in the book folks. i had lots of great things happen this week and some pretty cool stories. so first, theres this bike shop in our area that we always go to because were teaching the 3 guys that own the shop. and they are a total riot, i love em haha theyre a great bunch to talk to and be with. but anyways so most of them are pretty pumped on the whole missionary message we share. the one guy is teaching his family the lesson, the other we have a baptismal date for this next month, and the other isnt that solid of an investigator, but the greatest part anout them is that whenever were there and even when were not theyre always telling their customers to talk to us and listen to what we have to say. weve gotten like 10 new investigators just from these guys tallking to their customers ahah its great. 

the next story is what i like to call the golden investigator haha. so anyways on friday we were contacting, and we just about to call it quits when we decided to do one last contact. and so we see this man across the street walking with his two sons, so we cross the street and start talking to him. we talk to him and tell him about our message and thats when the cool stuff starts. he begins to tell us about for the past couple weeks hes been looking for the true church. his wife is strongly catholic and he was going to the catholic church but it just didnt seem right. and then he tried the evangelical and a couple other churchs but he just didnt feel like what they taught was true. and he said that hed been praying and really been trying to find the truth. we bore testimony that our church was the true restored church of the Savior Jesus Christ. he then proceeded to tell us about this dream he had been having, i dont remember all of it (it was hard trying to follow him in spanish) but basically he was in this desert with nothing around him but there was a voice directing him to this oasis type thing in the distance and basically it was very similar to the dream of Lehi in scriptures. and he also kept asking us why him? why him out of alll the people that were in the street that day, why did we decide to come up and talk to him? and the answer was very clear to us, but we told him that we share our message wiht everyone and we knew we needed to share it with him. he wanted to hear more about our message but he said his wife would object severly so we left him with a book of mormon, our contact information and invited him to church (unfortunately he didnt make it thoug) but we plan on contacting him and talking with him sometime this week. so ill definitely keep you all posted on how that is going. 

next story is the confirmacion of the kid we baptizeed this week. but anyways so we baptized him this past thursday and we confirmed him this sunday. heres the story, so we were sitting in the chapel meetings going yada yada im trying to follow along with whats happening when my companion stands up adn is like okay were confirming pipe now, and so i stand up follow him to the from of the chapel, and were standing there and he tells me im doing the confirmacion. and ya i was a littlle shocked and like uhhh what? i had no idea what to say or the wording haha so they had the bishop whisper in my ear what to say and so i did and then he was like okay now give him a blessing, and i was like crap i have no idea what to say or how to say it at all. and so i stood there for a couple seconds then just opened my mouth and starting talking, and thankfully words started to form and i know i received some divine help. it was an awesome experience to say the least. 

the final story is of a man...who we met this week too. so on saturday we were having dinner with a member family and anyways long story short, the grand father of the family we were eating with, we got to talking to him about the church (hes not a member) and we eventually ended up committing him to be baptized, and even better, were baptizing him this saturday the 24! heres the even cooler part, we were talking to the lady after the food appointment, and she said that her dad had been investigating the church for 30 years just about and had been asked by countless missionaries to be baptized but he never felt like it. and by the way hes 82 haha but ya so it was way cool, because he has a testimony, he knew it was true, we basically just had to be a little abrupt and tell him to stop being so hesitant and just do it! but anyways ya ive had a pretty good week. we had divisions on friday and saturday, so i was having to take the lead here which was a little difficult not gonna lie but way worth it. and ya things are going just stellar here. im seeing tons of success, watching peoples lives change, and helping them get on to the path to return to live with our father in heaven. its great. the language is still a little trick but each day im understanding more and its getting a easier day by day. i just love being  a missionary haha. anywasys i gotta go now, i still havent gotten mail yet, i will this wednesday at zone conference so sorry for not responding to anything, ill be sure to next week. 

i love you all very very much! hasta luega!

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