Guadalajara- 7/9/12

wow. what a week. everyday just kicked my butt haha. basically our entire investigador pool fell apart, its been raining like crazy here lately and we had to give talks this week and ya weve just been busy busy busy haha. i gotta say last night after returning home from working it felt sooo good to lay down and be able to think that i can relax tomorrow for pday haha. so as im sure youve noticed from google earthing my area and stuff...its alot of dirt. and dirt+rain=MUD. lots and lots of mud and flooded roads. and so anyways for a good part of this week elder turner and i have basically just been playing around in the mud haha, it sucks at first but after youre soaked with water and mud you kinda just forget about the uncomfort and just enjoy it haha. however though it is waay embarrasing showing up to an appointment and being super dirty...its a good thing the people and area here is really humble and i dont have to worry too much about ruining someones carpet or nice sofa haha. 

zona tlaquepaque con presidente camarillo y su familia

it was funny too because one day elder tucker fell in a mud lake because the road was flooded so we just had to charge through the best we could and his bike got stuck and he just tipped over basically haha and the worst was that while i was running back to help him i stepped in a mud hole i didnt see and it sucked off my shoe so then we had to search for my shoe in the mud, he was covered in mud and it was just a mess haha. but it was a funny experience, we took all our misfortunes with a smile and a good laugh. this is the first area hes been in really where its "real missionary work" as he likes to call it haha. im sure youd all get a good kick out of watching us trudging along in the mud falling down and loosing shoes and this and that haha. im excited to get my scripture cases too because thats the one thing that stinks about the mud and rain is that everything gets wet and my scriptures got wet unfortunately but i managed to save them still. but its fun stuff all in all, im enjoying it haha. 


the worst part though is that weve been super busy running around doing all sorts of stuff and so there were 4 days this week where we had to cancel our food appointments and so we wouldnt eat until like 9 or 10 at night. thats the only complaint really that i have from this week haha not eating for like 12 hours except for some cookies you buy at the corner sores just about every other day. its amazing though how even though we hardly ate we still were given the energies to go from place to place and really not feel the effects of not eating. it was really kinda cool, until we stopped working and then were like oh crap were hungry and then whip up some cereal or whatever kind of food we can find in the house haha. apart from all the craziness that went on during the week, this weekend was awesome. on saturday we were able to baptize this boy, who 2 sundays ago his mom approached us and told us she wanted her son to get baptized (hes 10) and if we could do it the following weekend. so weve been teaching him all this week and then were able to see him get baptized this weekend. 

hes a way rad little kid, he would always tell us about his future plans and why he wants to be baptized, and how we wants to one day baptize his little sister and give his mom blessings and serve a mission like elders maccarthy and tucker and then get married and have 2 kids. both girls because he doesnt want any  boys because he doesnt want them to turn out like him haha. its funny too because hed always borrow his moms cell phone and call us and ask if we could come early to the appointments and watch spongebob with him haha unfortunately we always had to say no though. but hes way cool, we had his uncle baptize him and we had super spiritual baptismal service, his mom was soooo happy, seeing how happy see was made all the hard work and rough times during the week worth it.

pizza party

thats one thing i love about this work is seeing the happiness of others. i dont know word to use to describe what its like, its just awesome. and then sunday was another awesome day, we had to give talks and i had worked all week on this super rad talk and it was seriously legit. we were asked to speak about mission work (of course haha) and i decided to change it a little and talk about how members involvement in mission helps them grow spiritually as individuals and also grow spiritually as a ward. so it wasnt your normal please give us contacts and come to lessons with us mission work talk, but it was something that i put alot of thought into to try and help them out. because the ward is starting to fall apart and things are getting a little tough. but anyways so i had this rad talk lined up and as im there in the meeting giving the talk i begin with the talk i prepared but then i found myself completely forgetting about the talk i prepared and giving a completely different talk! i didnt know what i was saying or what i was saying i was just talking and then referring to this scripture and then going into a story about this experience i had and then everything just led into the next. and it was crazy because after i finished with my talk and sat down next to elder tucker he informed me that i had spoken for 18 minutes...i was shocked haha luckily me and him were the only two speakers. 

but it was just crazy because i dont really remember what i said but i do remember looking at the members during my talk and noticing the nodding heads and attentativeness of the members. it was so cool! i felt like elder holland or bednar or president monson up there talking...i just wish you all could of been there to see and hear it. it was an experience that really helped me realize that missionaries arent here to just baptize and convert `people, but to also help edify and strengthen those members with whom we serve. were called to build up Gods kingdom and vineyard in the area where were assigned, and that call includes all of Gods children, members and non members and all those in between. also this past weekend  we met some people who truly are chosen to hear this gospel right now, and who i know for a surety that they were put in our path for a special reason. but im a little short on time so ill have to tell you about them next week or on another occasion. 

nuestros fiesta por la 4 de julio...o pues por lo menos elder tucker porque yo lo tomé jaja

im excited to be able to go out and work another week in this great work that im involved in, its seriously the most fun and greatest thing ive ever done and experienced in my life. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!! to all those young men of missionary age and those preparing, as nike says "just do it!" and well im telling you the same! it doesnt matter whats going on in your life or what you have planned, put it all aside and tell the Lord youre gonna serve Him and give Him all you got for 2 years. i promise you and testify with all the energy of my soul that it will be the best decision you ever ever ever made and that whatever you gave up to serve will be returned but returned 10000000 times better than what you had before. do everything you can to be a missionary and to prepare to serve because yes its hard work but there is nothing better nor more rewarding than being a missionary and i cant imagine doing anything else right now. i mean it seriously is the best thing you could ever ever do, its just straight up rad. and it really is the best two years, and ive only been here 6 months and im dreading the day i gotta go home. i dont want it to end, it seriously is a dream come true being able to be a missionary. 

pizza party
and so i ask each of you out there to PLEASE serve a mission. and if you got questions or wanna make a comment, shoot me an email or letter and get back to you as soon as possible and help you in whatever way possible. because we need more soldiers in Gods army, theres so many people out there who need this message and this gospel and we need more missionaries so desperately. please make the decision to serve, you wont regret it i promise. and to the rest of you....every member a missionary!!! haha i love you all and hope that you have a wonderful week, i know i will haha. stay safe and put your trust in the Lord in all things and just go and do! you all are so awesome and i love you all so much, and appreciate your prayes and support in my behalf and for all the missionaries out there. stay strong and God be with you till i email again :)

much love from mexico,
    Elder Maccarthy


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