Guadalajara: 7/16/12

the dangers of chili eating competitions
goodbye lunch for elder leon, he will be greatly missed (hes the one next to the elder in the red tie, right side)

so this was a pretty interesting week haha especially this past weekend. first ill start off by explaining the subject. so ive mentioned before about a man we were teaching, anyways so we had dropped him when i was with elder briz still, but a few weeks ago we started teaching him again. and so anyways the dad of that guy and i have always gotten along good with this guy, we always joke around. and so one of my favorite little jokes i love to do with him is tell him that im the chili eating champion of the united states for the under 20 age group. and hes always challenging me to chili eating competions haha and i always tell him no of course because in truth i cant eat anything with chili without thinking im gonna die. 

elder tucker being a pirate haha
and so this past friday we were at his house talking with him and of course we got onto the topic of  chilis and he challenged me and i told him he didnt want to mess with me and in fact he should be afraid of me, and so well he said its time for me to meet my death and went and got a bag of chilis out of his fridge. he then explained we were gonna have a competition, the competition being we each had to eat 5 chilis and the first to suck into their mouth lost and had to buy the other a coke. feeling a little risky i said deal, also because after having rejected his competitions for months i finally felt it was time to face the music. and the chilis he had in the bag are gnarly, there called chili piquins and they are waaaay gnarly. to give you all an idea just breaking off the stems and smelling the insides made my eyes water haha. anyways so we begin the competition, breaking off the stems and then eating the chilis one by one.

 i have a unique bowling style haha the lower the better
 holy oh my goodness! it was such a bad idea haha mouth was on fire! i had never eaten anything so spicy and well yes i lost haha, but i feel proud having known that i ate 5 of those bad and lived to tell the tale. and if any of you think im just blowing smoke and it wasnt that bad go buy some and try it for yourself. there the little tiny chilis, a little smaller than your pinky and there a greenish orange color. the skinnier the better. and well let me know how it went if you try it haha. bro. lebaron im sure itd be a fun mutual activity for all the young men to do haha. however though just a word of caution, if you likewise decide to do this challenge just a heads up youll be jacked for a little while. im still sick from it haha which takes us to the next fun little story from this weekend. so i had had the chili experience on friday, and then saturday for the food appt we ate this eggs, cactus, and chili soup like stuff with rice and that on top with the chili competition the day before just about killed me. 

 i have a unique bowling style haha the lower the better

yesterday specifically was just horrible. i had really bad bathroom issues haha and threw up like 4 times throughout the day. at the food appt on sunday the sister had made bbq ribs with mashed potatoes and although it smelled and looked so delicious i couldnt even eat it without getting sick. it stunk. the worst was after the food appt  we just went home cuz i was dying and so anyways i was in the bathroom throwing up and i was leaning over the bowl and as im throwing up all the stuff out of my shirt pocket falls out! so my missionary manual, the food calender for the month, and my planner just go kerplunk and so i had to fish them out and of course there like totally  ruined and gross nasty now so i had to throw it all away haha. its gross i know and im sure you all couldve live without hearing about it all haha but it was kinda funny i thought. and well to say the least itll probably be a while till i eat chili again. 

me explaining how to spin the bowling ball to elder valenzuela haha
also this week we started teaching this one lady, name kept private, and she is super duper rad but we have begun to realize that shes a little crazy haha like for example when we taught her about joseph smith and the first vision she told us right off the bat that she believed that he really did see Jesus Christ and God the father because she too had seen celestial beings during here life and then went into telling us these stories of hers, shes way rad though and is super receptive to the whole message and is gonna be getting baptized in the next couple weeks. i personally love hearing her crazy stories haha because eventhough she might be a little wacky she has a great heart and has a huge desire to follow Christ and become closer to our Heavenly Father. so that at least is really good haha. 

also we received some pretty interesting new this week thats gonna make every missionary out there be jealous haha and be like chika what? so we have received news about this new system called "the work of salvacion" that we will be beginning here in the next few days which is where each week we receive a list of about 40 or so names from the ward were in and then we have to go visit those people during the week and they will make up our teaching pools from now on. theyve completely changed the missionary work haha like completely. we dont do bus contacts (which i always loved doing because it makes you feel like dan jones or samuel the lamanite up there preaching to the people in the bus haha), knock doors, tract or do anything like that, we work off just straight up references. i personally dont know if i like it too much haha i always loved the experience of finding someone in the street and then seeing them progress and be baptized and also the experiences of where youll be tracting a street with no success and then say a prayer and then a few houses later you find a rad person. 

i heart my missionary friends (and the little kid in the second picture is some random kid the bowling ally stuck with us because he wanted to play but didnt want to play alone so we adopted him haha)
but im sure our leaders have been inspired to put into practice this new system so i merely just go along with it, and do my best to carry about the work in an efficient and successfull manner. let me know if this system is being implemented in any of your wards back home or in any of the missions out there, or if its just something there doing here in the mission, im interested to hear. things are going way awesome here though, im loving it. seriously everyday is the best day ever and i just cant explain it haha its just so awesome being a missionary, i just love it. my alarm clock is my new best friend because i just love being able to wake up and start a new day as a missionary full of new experiences and stories and memories and just all sorts of stuff. 

i heart my missionary friends (and the little kid in the second picture is some random kid the bowling ally stuck with us because he wanted to play but didnt want to play alone so we adopted him haha)
I LOVE IT!! i know why jake and everyone would always tell me theyre jealous im going on a mission and how they wish they could go back, because this is seriously the best thing ever. im pretty sure i say that every week but its because its true! being a missionary is being cool haha! anyways have a great week everyone and i will be talking to you all next week, letting you know of all my experiences of the week! les amos!

a lil modeling action

much love from mexico,
    Elder Maccarthy

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